Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

I hope everyone is having a nice Halloween. I've sure had my fill of candy and treats today.

Here are a few holiday themed items I thought I'd share today.

First is a special edition of Chips Ahoy! cookies from Nabisco. Cookie Guy, their mascot, is dressed up as a vampire bat! Orange morsels are mixed in with the chocolate to make an extra special treat.

Halloween Chips Ahoy!

Next is a fun Halloween sign from a Hostess outlet store. This is from a few years ago and features Fruit Pie The Magician and Twinkie the Kid showing off the holiday goodies. Thanks to my buddy Gregg for this!

Hostess Trick Or Treat

Lastly, here's a surprise find at Dunkin' Donuts this year. It's a pretty groovy Halloween box. Best of all it was filled with those delicious Munchkins!

Halloween Munchkins

Halloween Munchkins

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