Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Commercials of Sir Grapefellow and Baron Von Redberry

I just love old commercials. There are so many "lost" commercials that I've been looking for for many years. Two such commercials have just come to light, courtesy of OldTimeSportsNet2 on YouTube.

Here are the first commercials of Sir Grapefellow and Baron Von Redberry cereals that I've seen in over 30 years!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Updated Waffle Whiffer

I just made a few design updates to the blog, most noticeably a new picture of Wallace the Waffle Whiffer.

The old picture was a screengrab from a commercial on a VHS tape. I enlarged it, then painted over it using PaintShop Pro, giving the Waffle Whiffer a fresh new look.

Here are the old and new pictures.

Waffle Whiffer

Waffle Whiffer - New Buddy Icon

I also am displaying less previous blog posts on the main page to make it load faster. But you can always see previous posts in my blog archive.

You can read more about Wallace the Waffle Whiffer here in my blog archive.
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