Monday, February 13, 2006

Wallace the Waffle Whiffer

Let me start this blog with a picture of my blog's namesake, Wallace the Waffle Whiffer. Wallace was a hyperactive bird-like character created by Jay Ward and Bill Scott (of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame) for Aunt Jemima frozen waffles in 1968. Wallace would torment the other character, Professor Goody, until the kind professor had no choice but to share his delicious waffles with Wallace.

Several commercials were produced, though only a few have come to light in the digital age. One has Professor Goody hiding in a submarine eating his waffles, and another has him holed up in a bell tower. Wallace has a powerful sniffer and always finds his way to those scrumptious waffles. Wallace was voiced by Bill Scott (Bullwinkle, Super Chicken) and Professor Goody was voiced by Daws Butler (Quisp, Cap'n Crunch).

I am not aware of any product packaging or premiums ever made regarding these characters. Perhaps they only existed in the realm of TV commercials. If you have more information to share, please let me know.

The slogan for the commercials was "Is there a Waffle Whiffer at *your* house ?"

This picture shows Wallace and Professor Goody eagerly awaiting waffles to be served.


  1. Hey, cool blog! It hearkens back to the day when advertising was less manipulative, playful and creative. Keep it up!


  2. Hey Charles. Thanks for the nice feedback. I couldn't have said it better myself. To me, advertising was all about the characters, animations, wacky voices and the creativity. In the best spots, the creators seemed more focused on making fun commercials than selling products.

    1. Don't be fooled - it was always about selling products. Commercials were much cooler way back in the day, though.


    I miss Wally. People think I'm crazy when I mention Wallace the waffle whiffer. Most do not remember the crazy pastry eating guy...but we do! Mark from Ma.

  4. Thanks, Mark. Wallace is still out there -- at least in the memories of many of us.

  5. Q. Every time Wallace finally caught up with the Professor, what was his trademark surrender?

    A. "Very well, Wallace... won't you join me?"

  6. [:::] Boomer -- Quite true! Poor Professor would eventually give in to Wallace's demands.

  7. Oh Yeah! My husband and I were making waffles for the kids this morning and he brought up the Waffle Whiffer, "Oh my gosh, I remember the Waffle Whiffer", so google led us to your blog. Thanks so much for your site- it was great to see this! Cheers!

  8. [:::] Glad you stopped by for a visit! Enjoy the waffles!

  9. Ah... The days of Raisin Wranglers, PF Flyers and Creepie Crawlers. @OneLegSandpiper

  10. "Waffle" was my nickname back in the 5th grade (1971). Why? I could imitate Wallace the Waffle Whiffer.

    By the next year it was time to put away childish nicknames and grow up. By junior high school I was known as Zorro.

    Bill Kelly in Houston, Texas

  11. Wow! I recenty posted a pick of my aunts circa 1920's Waffle Iron that still works and a friend through Wallace at me out if the blue. Until I saw the pic, I couldn'tremember the referance.
    Thanks for resurecting another piece of my childhood and keep bringing other jems like this back to life.

    Steve G.

  12. I REMEMBER that commercial!!! I FORGOTTEN about it until I (actually my brother) stumbled onto it. I was watching those commercials on You Tube and old Wallace kept cracking us up. I'm GLAD you posted this page, its been a long time since I had Waffles, I think tonite I'm gonna buy some Waffles!!! Thank You so much for this page!!!

    P.S. You can join us for Waffles and yes you can bring Wallace too.(heh-heh)

  13. I had completely FORGOTTEN about this commercial until recently, my brother showed it to me on You Tube, and it CRACKED us up everytime Prof. Goody tried every means to avoid Wallace from getting to those waffles, but was never able to. It made me laugh when the scent of those waffles got to Wallace and he goes cuckoo and always found a way to get to them.

    P.S. Come over our house for waffles and BRING Wallace too!!!

  14. This was just before my time, but I remember when my mom made me waffles for breakfast when I was a kid, she used to call me a waffle whiffer as I came to the table. I just thought of it recently and googled "waffle whiffer", and found those commercials. Now I know where she got that.

  15. [:::] Chad -- Great story! I love hearing things like that.


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