Thursday, September 07, 2006

Problems posting comments?

Since switching to the Beta Blogger template -- which, by the way, I really really like -- I've discovered that there are problems posting comments.

If you have a Blogger account but have not upgraded to the Beta, you may not be able to post comments to a Beta blog like mine. The opposite also appears to be true, as I've not been able to post comments to some non-Beta blogs with my Beta account. Hopefully Google/Blogger will get this all worked out.

*** Update 09/23/06 -- The beta bug is fixed. Everyone should be able to post comments now. ***


  1. just discovered your blog. Its excellent!
    Do you remember from the 1970s Hardees, the characters Gilbert Giddyup and Speedy McGreedy?

  2. Hi there. Glad you enjoy it. It's always good to hear things like that.

    Yes, I do remember those guys from Hardees. I love those characters. There was also a pink Frankenstein headed character named Super Mouth. I do plan to do a blog post on those characters after I've been able to gather more information. I have several collectibles and pictures to share. Have you ever seen any TV commercials of them? I've been trying to find some on the web, but haven't yet. Stay tuned. They are definitely on my radar.

  3. I haven't seen any commercials. But i do remember the ones from back then. I don't remember supermouth. I used to go to a Hardee's in Illinois that had big plastic versions of the characters on the wall. So they must've had the Supermouth. I wonder where those giant versions are now.

    I've just found a few pics online. Like this:

  4. I've posted a picture of a Hardeee's commercial animation cel on my Flickr site. It shows the three characters. Here's a link -- My Flickr Site

  5. Great detective work! I'm glad to see another motorcycle toy and now it really makes you wonder how many were in the set? When I first saw your pic he looked like a hillbilly type, but with the proof from the old commercial that is the Magician!


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