Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mission Orange Sun

I found this advertisement for Mission Beverages in a magazine from 1952. Their orange drink gives you that "California Sunshine Flavor". Sounds pretty good, eh?

I like the little Sun character, smiling while enjoying a tasty orange beverage. It should be memorable enough with that expressive face and wreath of oranges adorning its head.

The ad was well before my time. I did some web searches and cannot determine if Mission Beverages or their product line are still around. It appears that they are not.

In my searching, I did turn up some more ads from the same era with the same Sun character, assuring me that it was no one-trick-pony.

While I've not found the name for this Sun character, if it even had one, I thought it deserved a home page of sorts on the internet. So from now on, Mission Orange Sun -- this page is just for you! Hopefully some friends of this allegedly fine beverage will be able to share more information about you and your beverage of choice.

This next ad gives us a chance to win the California Jackpot -- like your own California orange grove, sports car and pony! All you have to do is complete the last line for their new jingle:

Mission Orange tastes just right!
Drink it morning, noon or night.
This sunny California treat
(insert your line)

I'm certainly eager to know how the contest went and what the winning jingle was. If you know, or have a good final line of your own, let us all know!

Well hopefully more information will turn up about the Mission Orange Sun, but until then this page shines bright in its memory.

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