Saturday, December 06, 2008

Saturday Commercial Break #14: McDonald's 1970s

I hadn't posted any of my Saturday Commercial Breaks in a while. I sort of stopped it after noticing that YouTube was removing a lot of television commercials from their site for some reason. Apparently that's not the content they want, although it's really the only thing I care about on YouTube. Anyway, I'll start it up again "while supplies last", as they say.

I got a big smile watching this 1970s McDonald's commercial, featuring a fun song and dance number by some hard working fast food employees. "You Deserve A Break Today" remains one of the most memorable McDonald's jingles for me. (Uploaded to YouTube by JMReid1220)


  1. Thank you for posting. When I visited the McDonald's campus in researching my book, "Everything I Know About Business I Learned at McDonald's" (McGraw-Hill), I smiled reviewing many of these same clips at Hamburger University. We also interviewed Paul Schrage, McD's chief marketing officer, who talks about the role advertising played in communicating McDonald's standards -- particularly the "c" in quality, service and cleanliness.

  2. I remember that tune very well! I was always sad to think I'd never see or hear different songs or commercials on tv. Thanks to YouTube, it's possible to kind of re-live our youth.

  3. I wonder why they still don't advertise how their restaurants are clean these days…

  4. So many familiar faces in this commercial; all bit players on 70's sitcoms, commercials, etc. And oddly, all middle-aged men...

  5. Isn't this one of those jingles that was written by Barry Manilow? I remember it being a part of a medley he used to do.


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