Thursday, December 03, 2009

Remember Garfield cereal?

Amongst my collection of cereal premiums was the Garfield sticker sheet below. It was still sealed in the package along with this interesting coupon.

I do not remember a Garfield cereal from Quaker Oats, but this indicates that it was on the market at least in 1985. The coupon expired in May 1985.

We can see that the cereal came in both raspberry and blueberry flavors. There must have been two different styles of cereal boxes, likely very colorful and similar to the illustration on the coupon.

Instinctively, I wonder how the taste of blueberry Garfield compared to monster cereal staple Boo Berry, but alas, I will never know.

This one is still a mystery to me. Perhaps it was a test market, was otherwise short-lived or it was ubiquitous and I just missed it. Does anyone remember a Garfield cereal from Quaker Oats?

Garfield Cereal - 1985

Garfield Cereal Stickers - 1985


  1. I have zero memory of this, and it is so the kind of thing I would have been all over. My guess is that it didn't make it to general release.

  2. Oh, wow, Waffle. I've never even heard of a Garfield cereal. Great find!

  3. I DO remember it, but my mom wouldn't let me eat it because it was too sugary. She did however buy me every Garfield book up to the 13th one, and lots of Garfield merchandising. Maybe she felt bad for not buying me the cereal? LOL!

  4. [:::] Bubba -- Maybe so. I haven't found much info yet.

    [:::] Paxton -- Thanks. Hopefully more info will surface.

    [:::] Dad -- Too bad. That cereal box would probably be worth some money now!


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