Thursday, February 11, 2010

King Ding Dong shirts at Target!

I enjoy all of the retro t-shirts that have been on the market in recent years, especially those featuring advertising characters. Last week I was shopping at Target and popped over to the men's department to see if they had any new shirts.

And oh boy, it was my lucky day!

"Zoinks!" I said as I discovered these new Hostess Ding Dongs t-shirts featuring the honorable King Ding Dong. Fortunately the department was void of customers and my outburst did not cause a scene. In my own way, I had just won the lottery.

King Ding Dong t-shirts are out!

It's such a joy to find things like this. It's been 40 years since King Ding Dong was introduced as spokes-cake for Ding Dongs, well over 25 years since he was last on product boxes and a few years removed from the Hostess Cakes website. This is officially licensed by Hostess and dated 2010.

Naturally, I bought one to wear and will get another to save as-is. I sure hope this trend continues and that we'll see more shirts featuring the old mascots we used to know and love so much.

Hail to The King, from this loyal, sweet-toothed subject!


  1. Man... about ten years ago, the Hostess outlet where I lived used to sell these in white! I think they had Twinkie the kid as well. Wonder if any outlets still sell em'? All of the Hostess outlets near us have since closed, but I know many still exist.

  2. [:::] Darrin -- I wish I had a Hostess outlet store near me. I've had some friends take pictures of their stores and the neat displays in them.

  3. I saw some King Ding Dong shirts in Target the other day! I believe they had a distressed look to them as well, making them look more retro.


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