Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Fruit Of The Month - #2: Mr. Melon

The Fruit Of The Month for May 2010 is none other than Mr. Melon!

Mr. Melon was a candy made by the Ferrara Pan candy company. Not surprisingly, it was watermelon flavored. Mr. Melon himself was a friendly little fellow, smiling and waving right on the box, inviting shoppers to pick up a box by the checkout stand.

This box is from 1985 and still full of vintage candy. I have no plans of eating it, of course, but wanted to photograph it for posterity. 

I don't know much more about Mr. Melon. When was he first created? How long was he on the market? Questions to be answered. Please post a comment if you have information to share.

For now, we'll just enjoy these photos and soak in some watermelon goodness.

Mr. Melon - 1985

Mr. Melon - 1985

Stay tuned for next month's Fruit Of The Month post!


  1. wow! been looking for this candy for years now. was my favorite when i was a child. my grandmother would take me to the gas station which felt like the taj mahal to my small town and i'd stock up with mr. melons. personally, i think the other fruits were jealous and knocked him off, he was so much better than they were. i've called f.p. asking if they sale mr. melons (aka melonheads) anywhere in the u.s. and they said very impolitely that i could find them "somewhere" "around" halloween. i have to say, they weren't the friendliest bunch over at ferrara pan. thanx for the posting.

  2. [:::] Brooke -- Interesting. Thanks for that bit of news. I will look for them at Halloween. Perhaps they are inside some F-P multi-pack bags. I hope so!


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