Friday, August 13, 2010

Fruit Of The Month - #4: Chewy Extinguisher

Here's my Fruit Of The Month post for August 2010.

From the American Licorice Company in 2008 here's a box of Chewy Extinguisher candy, sour citrus variety. They treated us to four fun fruit mascots on this box -- Tangy Tangerine, Sour Lemon, Super Sour Lime and Berry Sweet Relief!

Along with the fun characters this was an easy grab for me because I really enjoy any kinds lime and tangerine candies. Apparently you're supposed to be so shocked by the sourness of the orange, yellow and green candies that you've got to down a blue one for some relief.

I assumed these would be outrageously sour, but they were actually rather mild. Still it was some very good candy and a delightful box!

See more of these guys at

Chewy Extinguisher


  1. Greetings Brandon,

    This is Mike Kelly with American Licorice....Thanks for the post!

    We have a game in the arcade section of the website featuring these Extinguisher characters on our Website called "Captain Extinguisher's Journey to the Sourest Place on the Universe."

    Check them out at:

    and look for us on Facebook!



  2. [:::] Mike -- Thanks for the links and, of course, for the great candy!

  3. [:::] Mike -- I have an historical question for American Licorice. If you get this message, please e-mail me. See my e-mail address atop this page. Thanks!

  4. As a kid I always preferred sour candy over sweet. I probably would've loved these things.


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