Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fruit Of The Month - #5: Top Crop Blueberries

September is here and it's time for the Fruit Of The Month announcement.

Recently I enjoyed this delicious package of blueberries from Top Crop. With many choices of fruits to eat, you can bet that I'm going for the one with the cool mascot on the label! This little guy is an anthropomorphic blueberry wearing a top hat and holding a cane.

I contacted the fine folks at Top Crop to get more information about their mascot. While he does not have an official name, he's often referred to as "Toppy" or "TC". They were very kind to send me an awesome Top Crop t-shirt and a keychain!

Toppy / TC is also featured on the company's website: Top Crop

This mascot evokes memories of the beloved Fruit Pie The Magician from Hostess fame. He's "No Ordinary Berry" indeed. Well done, Top Crop!

Top Crop Blueberries

Here are the front and back sides of the t-shirt:

Top Crop Blueberries

Top Crop Blueberries

Here is the keychain:

Top Crop Blueberries

And I can't forget the envelope these arrived in:

Top Crop Blueberries

Here's another in-store mascot photo courtesy of Donio / Top Crop.

Big thanks to Top Crop for the goodies and permission to use the in-store mascot photos!


  1. Hi Brandon,
    I am an employee of Frank Donio Inc., your coverage and information on Top Crop was fantastic. I am saving this so my grandchildren can see this at home. Good Luck to you on your next blogs. Nancy

  2. oh god, amazing blog. lovin´ it.
    im going to put on my favs. of my blog if i can.
    really, GREAT!

  3. [:::] Nancy -- Thanks for stopping by my blog. It sounds like you work for a nice company.

    [:::] maeve -- Thank you!

  4. Hey Brandon,
    Their Blueberries are awesome! I emailed their company and left a message on their Facebook page with no answers. I'm trying to find a place that carries them in Connecticut. I want a TC t shirt too!

  5. Hey Brandon,
    Their blueberries are awesome!! I emailed the company and left a message on their Facebook page with no replies. I'm trying to find where they are sold in Connecticut.


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