Friday, June 17, 2011

Fruit Of The Month - #14: Hunt's Snack Pack Peaches

Here's my Fruit Of The Month post for June 2011.

This is a flashback for us kids of the 1970s! Hunt's Snack Pack products, primarily pudding and fruit cups, made regular appearances in my lunchbox back then. This month I'm happy to show this great Snack Pack Diced Peaches box from 1974.

There's the Snack Pack kid, who was nameless as far as I know, smiling big and proudly showing us that the lids are now safe for kids. Let's not kid ourselves -- those lids were deadly and everybody knew it! Raise your hand if you ever got cut by one of those lids. (I'm raising my hand from 4th grade.)

I've got a few other Snack Pack collectibles and did a bit of research on the product line. The Diced Peaches were introduced in 1969.I'm fairly certain that this box is from 1974, having found evidence of the Snack Pack kid being used only between 1973 and 1974. Prior to that they had a horse named "Snack Pack", and then by 1975 they brought in a new mascot named "Snack Pack Jack".

The kid here also appeared on the pudding boxes during those years, but I do not have any of them.

Open wide and have a spoonful of peaches! I hope it puts a smile on your face.  :-)

Snack Pack Peaches - 1974

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