Saturday, July 04, 2009

Golden Crisp / Night At The Museum Promotion

Post Cereal had a nice promotion this year in conjunction with the Night At The Museum movie. Some really cool cereal boxes were produced, like this one from Golden Crisp. I saved one from Honey-Comb and Fruity Pebbles, too.

Golden Crisp / Night At The Museum

They didn't do anything special on the box backs. They've used this same back in recent years.

Sugar Bear's Island of Fun


  1. Thanks! Believe it or not, I designed those boxes for Post Foods. I used the same design principal for promotional boxes I did for Honey Bunches of Oats Vacation 2 Anywhere instant win game where I placed the boxes on the beach right on the face panel. Glad you liked these as I really tried to push the envelope of what a cereal box face panel could be.

  2. [:::] Nice work! Certainly a tremendous effort was put into this. Why didn't Post opt for a customized box back to go with it?

  3. We did a customized side panel for this promotion on Golden Crisp but no back panel. All about the budgets! I see you are a fan of Sugar Bear? I can't reveal anything but can say that you may be very happy when you are in the cereal aisle in a few months!


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