Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fruit Of The Month - #19: Orangehead

Here's my Fruit Of The Month post for November 2011. Just barely got this one in before December!

This month I'm celebrating a tangy treat from Ferrara Pan -- Orangehead candy!

Orangeheads were introduced in March of 1996 as an extension of their popular Lemonhead candy line. Small semi-hard candies with a softer, flaky candy shell, these are really tasty.

Quite unfortunately, I have to report that Orangehead was discontinued earlier this year. I've confirmed that fact with a Ferrara Pan company representative.  :-(

Here's a box that I saved from 2008. The good old Orangehead mascot has looked the same on the box ever since the product's inception.

When the Chewy Lemonhead & Friends assorted pack was introduced, it included a chewy version of Orangheads along with the other flavors. Tastes just like the original Orangheads, but softer on the teeth.

Here's a box of those that I saved from 2008. You can see that they gave Orangehead a redesign here, but that redesign never made it to the regular Orangehead box, as far as I've seen at least. Applehead, Grapehead and Cherryhead, however, got their own new box designs earlier this year.

While regular Orangehead has been discontinued, fortunately the chewy version is still in the Chewy Lemonhead & Friends pack. Hopefully that will not change. Long live Orangehead!

Chewy Lemonhead & Friends - 2008

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  1. Son of a.. I saw the title to your post, and instantly set my sights on buying some. Alas.. the rug was puled out from under me =^( I hope I can find the friends pack before it's too late!!


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