Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Zingers 2004

Happy Halloween everybody!

Today I'm sharing with you this ghoulishly good snack cake box from Dolly Madison. Perennial snacking favorite Zingers are here in a fun Halloween themed box from 2004.


Halloween Zingers - 2004

Don't put rocks in this guy's treat bag!

Halloween Zingers - 2004


  1. What does the fireman do in a halloween pack? As you see I'm not american, and really disconects from all the other characters... lol

  2. Very cool! Do you remember when the Peanuts were featured on Dolly Madison pies etc? It must have been around the early to mid eighties. I used to dig the chocolate pies. I think Snoopy graced those packages. Can't remember which one was peppermint patty.. but I KNOW it wasn't a peppermint pie!


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