Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stretchy Boogers Gummy Candy

My apologies in advance for stooping to this level, but here's a fun little product mascot that needed to be documented.

Name That Character!

This gross looking guy is, well, a booger. Boogerman is his name, and he once represented Boogers and Stretchy Boogers gummy candy products in the 1980s and 1990s. If you can look past the "yuck" factor, it's a fun candy salesman who seems to be full of personality.

Stretchy Boogers candy was made in Argentina and imported into the US by Confex.

According to US trademark records, Boogerman was first used in commerce in August 1988 (see logo trademark submission here). Apparently there was first a plain "Boogers" candy in 1988 (see trademark submission here),  followed by Stretchy Boogers in December 1989 (see trademark submission here.)

Here's an old candy wrapper I have, which is not dated, but would be from the very late 1980s or more likely the early 1990s. Boogerman is sampling the goods there atop the logo. Also of interesting note is the assortment of other flavors and shapes, including Goopy Grape, Lumpy Lemon, Clingy Cherry and Wobble Melon. I'd like to find those, too!

I found a small image of the original "Boogers" candy wrapper -- also with Boogerman on it -- in the November 1989 issue of Spy magazine. See that magazine on-line here and scroll down to page 9 and look at the bottom of that page.

Does anybody remember eating these? (No jokes, please. I mean the actual candy.)

Stretchy Boogers Candy

On the back of the package we see a different image of Boogerman, imploring kids to send in their best booger jokes. Winners would be picked (sorry) to have their jokes printed on a wrapper. Pretty cool.

Surprisingly, I found these candy Boogers mentioned in a 1989 Time magazine article which underscored the product's popularity among kids. See the Time article here. Time also makes reference to the mascot's name along with costumed Boogerman promotional appearances. Oh, I'd love to see some of those photos!

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  1. Thank you very, very valuable admin!

  2. I remember this candy. Used to eat it. Stuff was good. I want a wrapper for my 80's and 90's collection.


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